This page is to test animations like svgs or lotties, etc. SVGs are not supported in WordPress unless a svg plugin is installed that limits access to svgs to the administrator only.

SVGs are not animated, unless they are modified by perhaps or another utility. Lotties are animated by default. SVGs can be converted to Lottie files at – something I may do with my Figma svg files. LottieFiles also offers a lottie editor.

Elementor Pro has a Lottie widget that offers to run Lottie animations as imported or linked .json files.

The free Elementor addon plugin Premiums Addons offers to run Lottie animations as .json files. There is a Pro version as well.

The Elementor addon plugin ASVG for Elementor (simpler than above) has a library of animated svgs and offers to run Lottie animations as .json files. There is a Pro version as well.

On top of all that animated graphics, Elementor then allows for additional styles and advanced aspects like moving the entire graphic across the page. resells these Lottie files from LottieFiles.

Premium Addons for Elementor - Lottie Animations Widget

ASVG Addon for Elementor - Animated Icons

ASVG Addon for Elementor - Uploaded Lottie