Hi, this is Tom Froehlich

I’m the author of this site. My overall obsession in life is nothing short of figuring ‘lasting true love!’ (Armchair philosophy and psychology, etc.) Not just love, sex, or family. It is lasting true love that makes life worth living and meaningful – so it is at least for me.

Erotic love is what real love between two humans is all about. Passions, desires, attraction, esteem, moods, options, feelings, tenderness, delight, commitment, sex, fascination, choices, exclusivity – all these elements are found in relationships characterizable by lasting erotic love.

This site – Soulmate.Singles – promotes erotic love which, when having outlasted the ups and downs of the relationship, may only then be called true love.

Please follow me via this site as I am discovering the identity of lasting true love and its workings in people’s lives.

I am a graduate of the Unification Theological Seminary, but I am not and never was an Augustinian Christian. For influential theologian and philosopher St. Augustine, bishop of Hippo in the 4th century A.D., human love was unclean, that is, tainted by lustful cravings. He treated erotic cravings as a sexually transmitted disease. Sorry, Augustine, but you’ve been a questionable influence on humanity at best.

Adam and Eve, even before the Fall, were not meant to behave like wallflowers. Sexuality as we know it, procreational as well as recreational in its many expressions, is part and parcel of the human condition.

In other words, I assert erotic love as one of a cornerstone of civilization – for better or worse. Why is erotic love not just as meaningful as what pious folks may conjure up as God’s love? I want my audience to grasp that erotic love is uncontrived and yet virtuous, at least in its essence. Erotic love can break stale social molds and engender fresh beginnings – for the lovers and many others.

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