What has romance got to do with it?

We are being alive and conscious. What is the worst to come along for us? Fear, pain, loneliness, death?

We watch scary movies, we sacrifice ourselves for the sake of others, we hide away from others, we climb Mt. Everest. The worst?

The worst fate of all is being deprived of stimulation!

We cannot do without constant stimulation of some sort. If there isn't any, we go and seek some.

We consume entertainment. We get romantically involved with another. And then we make love, eventually to also have children.

We are most fascinated by things that stimulate longings residing in the deep recesses of our psyche.

And what do we all long for? That which we do not have. Apparently.

The mate we are then one day going along with is the One who has what we don't? The One who can complement us, the One who makes us whole - as common wisdom goes?

Or the One who can best stimulate us - both in mind and body and over the decades? Or the One who will keep us alive?

Or the One with the proclivities to match our vulnerabilities?

The ability to complement us or make us whole is perhaps a common criterion for mate selection. But let's not forget that love is wished to last.

Complementing us to make us whole is good for a while, but dead-on in the long run.

What kind of life-giving stimulation can be had over the long run by a static state such as complementary yin and yang?

That is why romance typically does not last very long. As soon as we possess the complementary One, the romance is over. Our longing is satisfied.

Courtesy and comfort may be all there will be for a long time, before boredom sets in. Keep reading to avoid that fate.