Live the Journey

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Motivations and Intentions

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Aims and Goals

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Behaviors and Actions



Life is a journey, not a destination.

No bird or fish or any other living creature gets from here to there in a straight line.

Let's face it, straight lines are an abstract, a concept, an idea, an ideal, a figment of our imagination.

Straight lines, like numbers, are real - as in really useful, but they do not exist anywhere in any kind of world...

How about human endeavor? Have you ever gotten from here to there in a straight line?  Know someone who has? We are not talking about speed and distance.

We are talking about personal or social endeavors. To think you should and can advance in a straight line is outright delusional.

So, don't feel bad when you experience apparent setbacks. That's life! Just don't lose sight of your goals. Recover your motivations, and act intentionally again.

You always have these options. They are yours to behold, at any time and space. Now, go wiggle on a bit...

However, the wiggling need not be aimless, need not be without goals. Bees may not know about goals - even though goals are really useful to humans.

Bees, I suppose, may aim - at best, like in generally finding and fetching honey. Having goals, on the other hand, requires some kind of abstract or conceptual knowledge.

Goals are rather defined, static ends and not processes like aiming. Humans, since the days of Aristotle, are told incessantly of having to have goals.

Goals can be like the proverbial carrot stuck out in front of a mule. Goals are really useful, especially if one adult human wants to persuade and compel another.

Aims, however, reveal a process - that of living. A mood, an attitude, a disposition, a bias, a need, a want, a preference - these are the elements that account for aiming at something.

And an awareness of overall aims in life helps people in adopting any specific goals - either their own or those suggested by others.

Understanding what you are overall aiming at in life might help you behave and act in a more straight line - and offer you a perhaps more delightful experience of life.

As Schopenhauer suggested, happiness does not come so much from the pleasure of achieving your goals, but from the avoidance of suffering due to unnecessary pains.